Adaptive Movement Strategies – Warsaw, Poland



A 12-hour, practical insight into: play and exploration, using constraints and mental imagery for development, movement practice as a vehicle for inviting novel opportunities.

You will learn in practice such concepts as improvisation, polycentricity, partner work and learning through discovery. The workshop is for everyone, regardless of skill level!

Adaptive Movement Strategies is a training system inspired by Fighting Monkey practice.

About Fighting Monkey: FM practice is developed by founders Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea through a deep study of cross motion analysis, and with the aim of understanding principles of human movement, communication and the ageing process.

It’s a set of tools that can help us:

1/ Better cope with unpredictable environments

2/ Update our motor control strategies and support longevity

3/ Expand movement repertoire

4/ Create new learning strategies

Our tools:

1/ Movement Scenarios – partner games simulating unpredictability of life allowing us to test how universally valid is our movement.

2/ Local/Global Topography – practices that provide us with internal feedback and possibility to correct movement strategies – supporting longevity and reducing cost of movement.

3/ Fantastic Worlds – improvisation landscapes that expand movement repertoire while allowing you to make your own discoveries.

For who?

– Beginners looking for a way to enter their movement journey

– Movement enthusiasts looking for tools that will expand their movement repertoire

– Personal trainers and physiotherapists that seek creative solutions for their clients

– Dancers, grapplers and other athletes that wish to counterweight demands of their disciplines

– Those that seek autonomy in learning, rehabilitation and development

What to expect?

– 11 hours of deep practice

– Lecture on principles and science behind the practice

– PDF with map of practical material from the workshop

Location and time

Wiktorska 30/32, Warsaw, Poland
Saturday and Sunday 10-13/15-18

Select date

February 11-12, 2022; 10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm

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