Filip Droszcz

Practices for better health, aging and falling in love with the idea of possible tomorrow.

Go beyond prescribed protocols.

Find creative solutions to problems.

Increase viability through interactions with environment.

Learn, move, grow, TRANSFORM.

Tell your stories and inspire others.

Learn with me

Filip Droszcz - From Joint articulation to improvisation

Online course "From Joints Articulation to Improvisation"

100 - 500 EUR

Work with me - individual classes, workshops and more


Filip Droszcz

Artist (researcher, practitioner, teacher) BS. Physical Education

Since seven years fully committed to discovering how can we improve ourselves through physical practice. On a quest for a better communication as the central point in his life – communication with himself and the socio-physical landscape he is operating in. Filip has an interest in science of dance, motor learning and motor control.

Collaborates with other practitioners and researchers – as he believes that only through collaboration and dialog it is possible to find the best solution for a given problem. He applies his experience and knowledge teaching regular classes in Warsaw and offers his support to people from different walks of life.


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